Business As Usual

April 2, 2020 | 2years | NEWS AND INTEREST

With the events of the last few weeks difficult to wrap our heads round and the Government imposed “lockdown” it can very much feel like our lives are on hold at the moment.

However, at FSS Wealth & Pensions we are all very much still working and keeping busy at the end of this financial year. We want to give you some reassurance that though things may feel different for you right now, your ability to contact us remains unchanged and we are on hand to discuss your pensions and investments via the normal channels.

We’d also like to give you the piece of mind that we are in regular contact with the investment managers who look after your money. You may have noticed, the financial markets are still very volatile as cases of Coronavirus/Covid-19 rise across the world, and we expect this market uncertainty to continue in the short term.

As the uncertain situation continues please be reassured that the investment experts we work with are continuously monitoring the markets, keeping a close eye on your investments and pensions and making any changes they feel necessary in response to market events.

It’s very likely that you’ll have seen the value of your plans drop recently, and we’d expect them to continue to fluctuate over the coming weeks.

It’s very normal for the value of investments to go up and down. And although it’s not guaranteed, the hope and expectations are that values generally go up over the longer term, despite this short-term volatility.

It can be difficult to ignore the headlines about stock market falls and be tempting, for example, to move investments into cash for a while – but in doing that, you might miss out on the potential gain when the market goes back up meaning you may lose out in the long term.

We hope this brings you some comfort in what has been a challenging and unpredictable start to the year, and rest-assured our advisers are working as normal to ensure we’re still able to provide you with the excellent standard of service you’ve come to know and expect at FSS Wealth & Pensions.

If you’d like to discuss anything we’ve mentioned or speak to our team please contact our advisers on their mobile number in the first instance or alternatively on our office number – 01294 539267.

Take care and stay safe.