Expert Wealth Management Advice

Put simply, an investment is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that it will provide returns in the form of income, profitable gain, interest or appreciation of the value. At FSS Wealth & Pensions Ltd we offer wealth management advice to individuals, trustees and businesses, which are specifically designed around their individual circumstances. We offer carefully constructed, risk-rated products and portfolios that will enable you to spread your investments across a wide range of asset types and classes.

We offer advice on a range of investment products including:
  • ISAs
  • Collective Investments / Unit Trusts
  • Investment Bonds
  • Offshore Investments
For most of us investing our money can be a daunting thought, however, our main priority is to provide a professional and knowledgeable service to help you feel confident when making an investment decision. Whether you are looking to save tax efficiently or ensure your financial security in later life, we can provide you with the relevant information to guide you to the best investment option.

First Steps

Consultation, Research & Report
In a face to face consultation you can talk to an adviser who will give you all the information you need to help you decide whether FSS Wealth & Pensions Ltd is the right wealth partner for you.  This initial discovery meeting is free of charge.
  • Your adviser will conduct a comprehensive fact find, which is simply a gathering of information to help tailor any potential investment to your exact needs.
  • Together you can discuss objectives and formulate a comprehensive financial plan.
  • From this your adviser will conduct in depth research using industry leading financial analytical software to ensure the suitability of the recommendation.
  • They will help you work through any difficult financial decisions, cut through the jargon and give you common sense advice to assess the best way to add value to your financial planning.

Ongoing Service

After considering your resources, attitude to risk and current lifestyle we will have put together a detailed and realistic plan to suit your objectives. However, we do understand that, in life, circumstances are prone to change and as such, we are committed to providing an ongoing service where your plans are reviewed and brought into line with such changes. We will review all areas of your investment to ensure that:

  • We consider you when promoting new services and investment products
  • Our recommendations continue to fulfil your needs
  • You are provided with clear information before, during and after the point of sale
  • You are able to switch providers, change products, surrender policies and make complaints without any undue barriers.